Lepton Backgammon beta program

About Lepton Backgammon

Lepton Backgammon is that most-dreaded type of software, a student thesis project.
That being said, it does what all good software should do — it solves an irritating
problem. I couldn't find an Android client for FIBS that supported matches of more
than one game, so I wrote one.


Lepton is a real cat, although not one of Ursula K. LeGuin's Catwings as depicted
on the splash screen. As a kitten she was a hospice companion and did a great job.
Now approaching her 18th year, Lepton's energy has somewhat diminished, but she
still has a healthy appetite and clear ideas about how the household should be run.

Current Version

Lepton Backgammon b9

What's working

Known Issues

Testing Goals

Use these links to find the latest beta release and documentation.
Android developers are welcome to try building the program.

Please use the issue tracker for all feedback.

Testers are requested to visit this page with their Android device,
copy the Hardware Info shown below, and email it to me.
I'd also appreciate any feedback -- did it crash or run, etc.

Thanks for your help with this project, Paul

Feedback as of 1/27

Device Version Model Width Height Results
Samsung s10 Android 10
LG Stylo 5 Android 10 LM-Q720TS 2160 1080 Runs
Pixel 2 Android 11 Pixel 2 732 412 Runs
Nexus 7 Android 6.0.1 Crashes
Galaxy S9 Android 10 SAMSUNG SM-G960W 740 360 Runs
Lenovo Android 10 Mobile 1280 800 runs
Motorola Android 9 Moto x4 640 360 runs
Galaxy Tab 2 Android 7.0 SM-T813 1024 768 Crashes
Galaxy S7 Android 8.0.0 SM-G930F 360 640 Crashes
Pixel 3a Android 11 Pixel 3a 393 808 Runs